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When it comes to urban music, KY Engineerin’ may be one of the greatest facilitators of our time in the recording studio – and that fact alone makes him a creator.

Born Finis White, KY’s love of music as a child was always the honest love of a student – someone enraptured with sound and the cultures it informed. Growing up in Kentucky with very limited outlets, KY’s love for the music and the culture of the late 80’s – initially inspired and reinforced by MTV – is what emboldened him to make the leap from his hometown to Atlanta, Georgia in chase of a dream.

A self-professed “super-fan”, KY’s competitive nature coupled with the genuine interest of a student are two things that help him continue to achieve greatness. As a sound engineer, he must constantly update and upgrade his skill-sets as new technology advances the field. It is that rare mix of honest passion and real research that keeps him abreast of not only what’s new in the field – but what’s actually worth adopting.

Engaged in his craft and the artists he works with, KY values work ethic over everything. Largely self-taught, KY mentored under and looked up to Leslie Braithwaite, Alec Nuwell, Lil’ Wayne and Young Guru to varying degrees as he continued to refine his craft and worked hard to develop his own signature sound.

When asked how he wanted to be remembered when it came to an industry based largely on fame and adulation he replied with the unnerving directness of a true southerner – “as a hardworking guy. Humble. Intelligent. Someone that whatever he put his mind to, he went and got it.”

Continuing to expand his own horizons as he takes on new projects in the world of the recording arts – KY is particularly excited to begin a residency with Georgia Tech University in 2014/15. This year KY is leading a multi-disciplinary project at the University that will culminate in a piece of original music and public art. Working with students at the intersection of sound and space, this exciting new project serves as an honest and organic anthropological study of neighborhoods and community.

With so much so happening for him it is humbling to hear how excited he still gets to see his name credited on an international release. Truly both a fan of the music and a student of the game, KY Engineering’s secret is simple – help others find their greatness, and the rest will follow.

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